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The Internet is a gold mine of opportunities for today's businesses looking to generate more sales online, but it's no longer effective simply to have a website as thousands of new sites are created every day and technology is moving forwards at an incredible rate.

Today, thousands of people could be searching for products and services just like yours, but sadly they may not see your website if it lacks the key attributes to be recognised by the major search engines.

Only the latest, proven techniqes and solutions can help you to develop an effective online marketing and search engine optimisation strategy to improve your search engine ranking, increase sales and increase profit to get your website onto page one in all the major search engines. Contact us now.

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Our search engine optimization and online marketing methods can make your website appear on the very first page of a search engine's listings for relevant keywords. As one of Asia's best SEO and online marketing companies, we make the necessary changes to a website in order to achieve top rankings in the major search engines.

Search engine optimisation professionals at Blue Box offer affordable solutions for online marketing and sales. Because we develop the software that successful web designers use, we believe that we understand how to transform a website into a winner by improving its ranking with search engines such as Google.


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We're confident that once you try our online marketing services, you'll soon be on your way to quality sales leads, maximise revenue, and engaging customers with your products, services and unique brand.

For additional information on how to maximise, promote and rank  your online business on page one with Google, Yahoo & Bing, start now by completing the free search engine analysis with no obligations.

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A search engine optimization analysis will investigate deeper into how effective your website is and how it is ranked on the major search engines. In the optimization report we will check how easily the search engine spiders that index every page on the internet rate your content. Effective search engine optimization analysis will mean that your website with a little help from us will have a much better chance of being ranked higher, and so attracting more and smarter traffic turning searches into money.

A professional search engine optimization consultant will spend time to ensure the analysis procedure is unique to give an accurate and in-depth report. There are many vital statistics that can only be known by building a long term relationship with a Professional Search engine analysis such as SEO Blue Box Asia. The initial free analysis will provide data for the SEO consultant to develop more complex strategy. 

What should a good search engine optimization analysis include?

An effective search engine optimization analysis should include many key points that are common to indexing pages for the search engine spiders. A search engine optimization analysis must begin with statistical data, giving a breakdown of not just information you may already aware of, but other hidden data such as your keywords to search the world wide web or what your competitors are doing. The initial free analysis will not include this information, as there may be a huge volume of data.

Part of the free SEO analysis will include a consultation with your consultant to explain the terminology used in search engine optimization because if you don't understand the terminology your never know the facts, so make sure you go through any terminology that you may not understand.

Keyword searches are an important part any search engine optimization analysis, listing the most commonly used keywords in your particular field of interest. With further search engine optimisation analysis you will learn the important points of your website's development, giving use your keywords or key phrases that you think should be incorporating into your site to increase the amount of interest it generates amongst the search engine spiders and, more importantly, visitors is another very important point as all content needs to include these key words and phrases better known as long tailed keywords. Good quality search engine optimization analysis will take into account current trends, such as differences in spelling and cultural trends and geographical locations associated with your business interests. The initial free search engine optimisation analysis will give you some idea as to the keywords worth in attracting the right visitors, but it will probably take many experiments to find to perfect match for your needs.

The initial free search engine optimization analysis will give you an idea of the number of backlinks your site is attracting and whether it is listed on any directories or not.

It's not just all about numbers. A good search engine optimisation analysis will give you other evidence and data that will back up the numbers. A more in-depth search engine optimization analysis will then go further, giving you a better understanding of both your current and target audiences and how they respond to specific searches on the Internet. This can include the use of video and audio media, technical content and forums.

Our free search engine optimization analysis will take into account your current PageRank on the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN and suggest basic ways of improving your ranking. A more comprehensive search engine optimisation analysis will look far more closely at this, as it is one of the key points of better page ranking and every one wants to be on page one of Google.

At SEO Blue Box Asia, as our name suggests, we specialise in search engine optimization analysis. We are located in Bangkok, Thailand in the heart of Asia which will soon be part of the ASEAN community in 2015. Our reputation as a reputable company is key to our continued success in all aspects of search engine optimisation analysis, delivering high quality results across all marketplaces.

Contact us now for a free search engine analysis and to find out how we can enhance your website, turning searches into money, and leading to better profits.


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